Improving My Pet's Experience
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Improving My Pet's Experience

When I found out that I would be traveling extensively for work, I realized that I needed to do something about my pets. I was concerned about them being home alone or staying with a neighbor since I needed to provide for them like I normally would. Unfortunately, because I would be in business meetings all day, I knew that I couldn't take them along for the ride. I decided to start searching for pet day care centers, and I was able to find a boarding business that offered top-notch care to pets. This article is all about improving your pet's experience.

Improving My Pet's Experience

Avoid Misunderstandings Regarding Diet For Your Dog's First Daycare Visit

Rafael Hopkins

Dog daycare can be a great experience for your pup, but it's important to ensure they get the right food. During their stay, you'll want to provide them with the same food they're used to eating at home. This will help avoid any stomach upset and ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Since you may have many questions about their upcoming stay, here are some tips to ensure you pack and better prepare for their arrival.


Depending on your work schedule, your dog's first stay at daycare could be scheduled anytime from early morning to late night. This could mean your dog will eat their food while you're away. Since it's important to avoid skipping meals, you'll need to pack meals and include information about when they should be fed.

Include a schedule with the precise time that your dog usually eats their meals so the daycare attendants can prepare the meals. Splitting their food into premeasured portions will help avoid overfeeding and help your dog stay satisfied throughout their stay. 


It's common for dog kennels to provide treats for your pup during their stay. However, this can pose a problem if you don't typically offer treats or your dog eats a restricted diet. You can prevent this by making sure you pack a couple of treats for your dog to enjoy at the daycare.

Include any information regarding allergies so the attendants can plan accordingly and avoid any potential issues. If your dog is fine with treats, they can be placed on a list of dogs that can receive treats with any other dogs. 


Check what daycare facilities allow dogs to eat during their stay and how much they charge for feeding. Since feeding your dog during their stay can mean removing them from a playgroup and placing them in a kennel, an additional fee is expected. These fees can vary depending on the daycare facility and how often your dog is fed. 

If you are using dog daycare for the first time, you may be wondering what food to pack for your pup. It's important to avoid any misunderstandings regarding diet for your dog's first daycare visit. The best way to do this is to talk to the staff at the daycare ahead of time. Packaging food for your dog and providing the daycare staff with information will give your dog a positive first experience.