Improving My Pet's Experience
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Improving My Pet's Experience

When I found out that I would be traveling extensively for work, I realized that I needed to do something about my pets. I was concerned about them being home alone or staying with a neighbor since I needed to provide for them like I normally would. Unfortunately, because I would be in business meetings all day, I knew that I couldn't take them along for the ride. I decided to start searching for pet day care centers, and I was able to find a boarding business that offered top-notch care to pets. This article is all about improving your pet's experience.

Improving My Pet's Experience

3 Misconceptions About Pet Grooming And Why Professional Grooming Is Best

Rafael Hopkins

Pet grooming is an essential part of being a good pet owner, but it has a lot of confusing steps if you've never taken care of grooming your dog on your own. While you may think you can save some money this summer by grooming your dog all on your own, there are a number of misconceptions that you may have about what is involved in good grooming and what kinds of things can lead to problems later.

If you're concerned about whether you can handle grooming your dog or if a professional is best for the task, consider some of the following misconceptions and how professionals can help.

Shaving a Long Coat Dog is Best for Combatting the Summer Heat

Long hair dogs can be great if you live in a cold area since they will stay comfortable throughout most of the year, but a warm summer could be uncomfortable for them. In an effort to relieve your dog of some of their discomfort, you may decide to get your dog's coat shaved.

While you may think this is similar to trimming your own hair for summer, it can actually come with a number of issues for your dog—most notably that their coat may never grow back to the way it was. This can lead to their coat looking patchy, a higher chance of sunburns, and even rashes due to a lack of protection on their skin.

Leaving the Back Nails Is Fine for Routine Nail Trims

If you take your dog on regular walks, you may not be as thorough with their nail trimming. In many cases pet owners leave their back nails completely untrimmed due to a belief that they'll stay dull from regular walks. While taking your dog on runs on pavement can help dull their nails, it won't be enough to keep their nails in the best shape. With this in mind, a professional will need to help with trimming all four paws nails to assure that your dog will be comfortable.

Brushing and Washing is All That is Needed for a Thorough Grooming

On a typical grooming day at home, all you may do is trim their coat and give them a good bath. The problem with this is you may not devote the time to cleaning the inside of their ears, checking their teeth, and looking for any signs of skin irritations. With grooming services done by a professional, you can get a full service done so that nothing is amiss.

With the various misconceptions that can come with grooming your dog on your own, you'll quickly see how visiting a professional for pet grooming is the best option.