Improving My Pet's Experience
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Improving My Pet's Experience

When I found out that I would be traveling extensively for work, I realized that I needed to do something about my pets. I was concerned about them being home alone or staying with a neighbor since I needed to provide for them like I normally would. Unfortunately, because I would be in business meetings all day, I knew that I couldn't take them along for the ride. I decided to start searching for pet day care centers, and I was able to find a boarding business that offered top-notch care to pets. This article is all about improving your pet's experience.

Improving My Pet's Experience

Bringing Home A Furry Friend: Three Things To Discuss With Your Child Before Buying An Animal

Rafael Hopkins

Buying a pet for your child could seem like the present birthday present ever. Bringing a pet into your home, however, is a lot more than a cute animal to pet every once in a while. Before you consider getting your child a pet that she's always dreamed of, she needs to be aware of everything that goes into carry for a furry friend. Below is a list of topics you need to discuss with your child before buying them a pet so that they know they are ready and willing to take in a forever furry family member.

Time And Energy

There are several benefits of owning a pet. They are fun, loving and are there right when you need them. However, they take up a lot of time and energy. A pet is not something you can buy, play with for a few days and then neglect. Once you take a pet into your home, you have added responsibilities that need to be tended to on a daily basis. Is your child willing to help potty train, clean up after and feed her pet every day after the excitement of getting an animal has died down? If the answer is "no", then your child isn't old enough to help take on that responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

Out-Of-Home Activities

Pets require a lot of attention. They are practically small people. They need to feel loved and wanted all of the time. Is your child involved in a lot of activities that take place outside of the home? If you are working twenty to forty hours a week and your child is involved in activities outside of the home, who will be there to tend to your new pet's needs? These are questions that your child needs to think practically about before you decide on bringing an animal into your home.

Pet Expenses

Just because you buy a pet, doesn't mean that you are now free from all financial responsibilities. You will have to add pet expenses to your monthly budget. Food, toys, shampoos and leashes all have to be factor in and the bill can rise pretty significantly. You should also take into consideration pet insurance. Pet insurance is a necessity in case your new furry friend gets sick or hurt. Though the financial burden of this decision will fall on you, you need to discuss this topic with your child so that the both of you can come to an decision together.

Bringing a pet into your home might make your child happier than you have ever seen her; however, you need to decide if it is practical. Discuss the topics listed above with your child so that the both of you can come to a reasonable and responsible decision together.

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